Our Mission: To conserve and restore natural ecosystems and protect birds and other wildlife for the benefit of humanity and biological diversity
in south King County and the world we live in.
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Audubon Society

A Chapter of the National Audubon Society with
territory in South King County in Washington State
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Red-breasted Nuthatch Survey

Red-breasted Nuthatches are among the 189 bird species in Washington whose ranges are expected to shift and shrink due to a changing climate according to Audubon’s Birds and Climate Change Report released in 2014. A new Audubon citizen science project is taking flight to understand how birds are reacting to climate change and how humans can prepare for these changes.

To test predictions of the report, Audubon is running a new citizen science project called “Climate Watch.” Climate Watch aims to document species’ response to climate change by having volunteers in the field look for birds where Audubon’s climate models project range expansion and loss by the 2020s. Climate Watch focuses on species with the strongest predictions in the climate models.

For 2018, Audubon will focus on two groups: bluebirds and nuthatches. In our Rainier Audubon Area, we will survey Red-breasted Nuthatches. Each Rainier Audubon team will go out to a designated square (6.2 mile by 6.2 mile). Each square consists of 12 survey points that must be covered. (5 minutes per each survey point).

Join the Watch
1. Sign up. Contact Calen Randall.

2. Hone your Red-breasted Nuthatch identification skills To learn more about Red-breasted Nuthatches, visit the National Audubon online field guide.

3. Attend the Participant Orientation: Thursday, January 11, 7-8:30 PM Webinar

Key survey dates (choose 1 or both):
Saturday, January 20th: 8:30-11:30am
Sunday, February 11th: 8:30-11:30am

Presentation: "Rafting the Marsh Fork of the Canning River" by Dan Streiffert

Thursday, January 11, at 11:00 AM
Fairwood Library

Dan will present his 12-day rafting trip through the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge—which under the current Federal Administration is under threat, as the Senate has introduced a bill that would open up drilling rights in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in order to pay for some of the administrations tax reform proposals.

Presentation: "Backyard Birds and Plants to Attract Them" by Marie West-Johnson

Saturday, January 27 at 10:00 AM
Renton Public Library

Marie will present a slide show of native plants to plant in the backyard and the birds that will come to indulge in these wonderful plants.

Presentation: "Bird Identification and Etiquette" by Jay Galvin

Saturday, February 24 at 11:00 AM
Renton Public Library

Jay’s presentation covers the basics of bird ID, (tools needed, ID through color, flight patterns, body shape, etc.). He will also cover proper techniques for bird approach, personal space, and photo technique.