OUR MISSION: To conserve and restore natural ecosystems and protect birds and other wildlife for the benefit of
humanity and biological diversity in south King County and the world we live in.
Wetlands and Old-Growth Forest

A boardwalk runs through wetlands and an old-growth forest in this 150-acre park. Look and listen for Varied and Swainson's Thrushes; Winter, Marsh, and Bewick's Wrens; Hutton's Vireo; and Red-tailed Hawks; as well as amphibians. Wood Ducks nest on the lake behind the Ranger's house. 114 species of birds have been seen in this park. There are 62 different kinds of plants found here, some quite rare, including Swamp Violets, Bog Orchids, and Wild Azaleas.

For additional information, visit the Friends of the Hylebos website.

Take Highway 18 west until it ends and becomes 348th St. in Federal Way. Follow 348th past the Park’n’Ride to 4th Ave. So. Watch for it on your left. 4th Ave. So. is just a one-lane driveway in front of some log cabins. A sanican is in a small building at the start of the trail. Take the trail past the cabins, down the slope about two blocks to the wetlands. Follow the trail into the woods. Take a trail to the right to go around Marlake, a pond in front of the ranger's house. This area can be birdy at any time of year.The trail continues around the back of the houses and loops back to near the starting point. In the woods, take the trail to the left to access the one-mile boardwalk through the bog and down to Brook Lake. You can print ouf a "virtual tour" from the Friends website that shows the trails.

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