Our Mission: To conserve and restore natural ecosystems and protect birds and other wildlife for the benefit of humanity and biological diversity
in south King County and the world we live in.
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General Information

Rainier hosts a monthly program on the third Monday of each month, September through June. Doors open at 6:30 PM. Light refreshments and good conversation are available. The program begins at 7:00 PM.

Programs are free and open to all! Come and bring your friends.

November 19, Monday
Meeting begins at 7:00 pm

Wood Warblers of North America
Presented by Robert Howson

The wood-warblers of North America present a challenge to the birders across our country. Even though they are a colorful group, identification can be a challenge. Not only do certain members of the group make themselves difficult to see as they flit among the highest branches of our tallest trees, but especially in fall, their plumages can be confusing. They make up one of our largest families, outnumbering plovers and sandpipers combined. The same is true if you combine gulls and terns into a single unit. Warbler species even outnumber the total number of sparrow species found on our continent.

We invite you to attend a photographic presentation which deals with this delightful family. Bring your identification skill along with you and see how many of these you can identify. You may find you come away with a better understanding and appreciation of this challenging confederation of species.

Our presenter, Robert Howson, developed an early interest in birds while still in grade school. This interest continued throughout high school and into college where he graduated with a triple major in biology, history, and religion. He went on to get a Masters in history and worked on a Doctorate in religious education. He has taught on various levels including elementary, secondary, and college ranks. Most recently he was the chairman of the history department at Cedar Park Christian School in Bothell, Washington.

He has photographed over 500 species of North American species as well as some in tropical America and Europe. He uses Nikon equipment and employs the use of a blind when needed. He and his wife, Carolyn, currently reside in Kirkland, Washington where they have lived for the past 40 years.

Robert is a member of the Eastside Audubon Photo Group that Jay and I attend each month. Be prepared for a quiz at the end of the presentation.

Join us at 6:30 for conversation and refreshments.